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Morgan's Web Site Updates
•12/15/2005: Web site launched with ability for posting updates by the family and ability for guests to post their comments.
•12/16/2005: Opened guest book postings to automatically go live when submitted without webmaster approval.
•12/19/2005: Fixed known problem of using double quotes (") in guest book postings and family update postings.
•12/20/2005?: Initial launch of the photo album with guests ability to submit photos by email.
•1/2/2006?: Updated picture album.
•1/5/2006: Added website stats.
•1/24/2006: Updated guestbook navigation, add news page with links to all known stories about Morgan, added Mrogans KKI address as page, updated Jan. site stats.
•2/5/2006: Added new pictures to the album and new pictures of Morgan @ KKI.
•2/6/2006: Added pictures of Morgna's first outing to IMAX, updated January web site stats.
•2/7/2006: Added pictures of Mogan's PT on Monday and updated the navigation.
•12/17/2007: Complete revamp of the site from old dumpy ASP to new exciting ASP.NET v2.0 w/AJAX