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How To Help :: Updated Letter On Funding (July 2008)
To the faithful friends and supporters of Morgan Dunnigan:

We wanted to give everyone an update because as circumstances have played out the Dunnigans are leaving Martinsville to head to Dayton, Ohio. As most of you probably know Colin has recieved an excellent opportunity and our community will be losing the Dunnigans. After consultations with the Dunnigans and Russ Ingersoll, we felt it best to turn the remainder of the donated funds over to Laura Dunnigan to manage on behalf of Morgan's medical interest. As we turn this over, we also wanted to make sure to bring all interested parties up to date with the monies raised on behalf of Morgan Dunnigan. We were the original custodians of the monies raised and as such we feel a sense of responsibility to report back to those who contributed on how this custodial account stands as we turn it over to Laura. Below is a snap shot of that information:

• Original amount raised in excess of $130,000.00!!!
• Balance turned over to Laura Dunnigan in excess of $93,000.00.
• These monies have allowed for all medical expenses for Morgan to be covered with out financial burden to the Dunnigans.

• How the monies were spent:
° Approximately $10,000.00 in Visits to Kennedy Krieger.
° Approximately $10,000.00 in general Medical Rehab.
° Approximately $5,000.00 in equipment for Morgan.
° Approximately $10,000 in general medical needs including medicines and medical insurance deductible reimbursements.
° Approximately $5,000 in remodeling the Dunnigans house to accommodate Morgan's needs.

I hope that each of you has the opportunity to see the progress Morgan has made. She is remarkable. We want to thank all who have contributed to the fundraising efforts to date on behalf of Morgan Dunnigan. The contributions have come from all over the country. They have come from children having lemonade sales; Carlisle School having fundraising events; individuals and companies alike.

As the Dunnigans move on with their lives we know that this money will continue to be of great comfort to them. In our estimation, this money should be there to support Morgan's needs for at least another 15 years or more depending on how much time is spent at Kennedy Krieger. We are hopeful that the Dunnigans will keep in touch with all of us. It is also our hope that they will continue to update us on the status of Morgan's recovery as well as the status of this fund.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call Manly Boyd (276-629-5341) or Richard Hall (276-666-9655)

Manly Boyd       Richard Hall