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How To Help :: Orginal Letter First Posted On The Website
21 Dec 2005 9:45 PM
To all our dear friends and family,

   As Laura's father and Morgan's grandfather, I write this on behalf of Morgan, her parents, and her extended family, all of whom have been recipients of love, support, and prayers that have exceeded anything we might have imagined possible.

   Now we are informed that dear and good friends in Martinsville have established a fund for Morgan and her family through the good offices of First Presbyterian Church of Martinsville. We are simply overwhelmed.

   While it is too early to predict with certainty and clarity Morgan's long term prognosis, at this point it appears she is in for a long term-physical rehabilitation and will need extensive medical support for the foreseeable future. At present she has no use of her arms and legs and needs mechanical support to breathe. Today a tracheotomy is scheduled, which may or may not require the breathing assistance of a ventilator.

   Thankfully, Laura and Colin had provided excellent health insurance for Morgan which will cover much of her medical expenses. However, there are always some exclusions, and Morgan's medical situation is such that her family has already experienced substantial out-of-pocket expenses related to their stay in Winston-Salem. They will be facing much greater uncovered expenses related to their need to be close to Morgan while she undergoes physical therapy at a pediatric spinal rehab facility, wherever that may be.

   We are presently working with her doctors and the hospital's case management team to develop as clear an understanding as possible of the costs and coverages associated with Morgan's rehab, home care, and ongoing medical care. When that is available we will be glad to make it known to those who are interested.

   It is also certain that the Dunnigans will have to radically alter and outfit there home to make it handicapped accessible. The house is not well-suited for this situation, so a change of residence is highly likely.

   Laura and Colin, as well as Morgan's grandparents are, of course, prepared to use all their resources for Morgan's immediate and future needs. Because Morgan's parents and maternal grandparents have chosen professions in human service fields, our financial resources are somewhat limited when compared to the long term medical needs and family adjustments that may be required.

   Pat and I anticipate that we may need to move to Martinsville to participate with her parents to provide for Morgan's care and to allow all of them to lead a more normal life. This will not be hardship duty, for we will be caring for a child we love and in whom we find great joy, and we will be coming to a community that is unlike any we have ever experienced.    There are still many unknowns. What is known is that a community, a church, a pastor, and friends have overwhelmed Morgan's family with extraordinary love and generosity. For Morgan and her family we say thank you and God bless you all for caring so well.

Faithfully and gratefully on behalf of Laura and Colin,

Russ Ingersoll