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How To Help :: Updated Call For Support
14 March 2006 3:00 PM
To all the friends and family of Morgan Dunnigan,

   We wanted to give an update on the fundraising efforts to date on behalf of Morgan. The contributions have come from all over the country. They have come from children having lemonade sales; a Carlisle School having fundraising events; individuals and companies alike. At this point over $130,000 has been raised!

   When this effort was started, no one knew what Morgan's prognosis would be nor did anyone know what the financial needs would be. What is known today is that Morgan has made fantastic progress thanks to the great support of her family, her doctors her therapists, and Gods will. As you all know from reading her website, she still has made great strides but she still has a long road to complete recovery.

   The money that has been raised will allow the Dunnigans to provide Morgan with continued therapy. It will allow them to get the best equipment possible to help her. And it will allow them to make their home much more livable for Morgan.

   Until we know what the ongoing needs for Morgan are, we believe sufficient funds have been raised for the immediate future. The Dunnigans will have a better handle on this in the coming weeks and months and we may well come back to ask for more. Until that time, suffice it to say that everyone's generosity has been astounding and the money raised has far exceeded anyone's expectations.


Richard Hall           Manly Boyd
Martinsville, VA      Martinsville, VA