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About The Website
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What Is A Zebray?
   Zebray is the name of Morgan's Uncle's dog. Zebray was a great companion and a true lover of life; he died in January of 2007. Although gone, Zebray will always be loved and remembered.
Special Thanks
   We acknowledge the assistance given to the Zebray web site by:
      DiscountNet.Asp : Offering affordable web hosting services for the zebray domain. : Janine Marie is a handbag line by Morgan's Uncle's wife, Janine. All the data shown on is
      stored on Janine Marie's Data Server free of charge. We thank her and very much.
Who Runs This Place Anyway
   Zebray was set-up at the Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem on Morgan's Uncle's laptop and was launched on 14 December 2005. The domain was being used for odds and ends by Morgan's Uncle and was the quickest way to create a website for people who wanted to express themselves to the Dunnigan family. It has evolved only slightly from it's original design. When you contact the webmaster you are contacting Morgan's Uncle.