How To Help The Dawson Family
Dawson Family Trust Fund For Joel
Joel's Aunt and Uncle, Melissa (Tracy's sister) and Kurt Rocklage have set up a trust fund in Joel's name with help from Merrie Jo Campbell the treasurer for the Forest Park Swim Team.

Make Checks Payable To: The Joel Dawson Fund
Bank of The West
1969 Diamond Blvd.
Concord, CA 94520

Dawson Family Swim-A-Thon and Pancake Breakfast!!!
Forest Park Swim Club hosted a fund raiser for the Dawson family on Saturday Aug. 29th. It was a major success and we are all grateful to have such great organizations like the Forest Park Swim Club a part of our community. Thank you! If you are in the area and looking for a swim club see their website for more details: Forest Park Swim Club website.
The Dawson family is a part of BuyForCharity ( When you purchase products from stores that are a part of BuyForCharity the Dawson family will receive some of the proceeds.

Shop online from over 350 stores like Barnes & Noble, Gap, Office Max, Macy's, iTunes, PetSmart, HomeDepot, 1-800-Flowers, REI, Orbitz, and more! Up to 35% of each purchase will benefit the Dawson Family please follow the instructions below. Anytime you buy online, whether you are looking for Airline Tickets, Flowers, Clothes, Music, or anything else please use BuyForCharity because the Dawson Family will receive some of the proceeds from the purchase.

How To Sign Up
1) Register at, click here to open a new browser window to register at BuyForCharity.
2) During the registration process at the "How did you find BFC:*" question select "Charity Website" from the dropdown list and enter "" as the domain name.
    Your registration should automatically link up with the "Joel Dawson Fund".
3) Once the registration is complete you should see "Your online shopping is currently supporting the efforts of Joel Dawson Fund".
You are all set, make purchases from tehe BuyForCharity site.

If you don't see the Joel Dawson Fund text or some other fund is listed follow these instructions very carefully.
1) From the left hand navigation on the BuyForCharity site click "Select A Cause"
2) From the list of causes, select "Cancer"
3) From the list of cancer causes select "Joel Dawson Fund"
4) You are all set, make purchases from BuyForCharity.
If you need additional help please contact the webmaster, we can get you signed up!
Dinner Club
A number of local friends and family members have started a dinner club to provide meals to the Dawson's. To learn more about the dinner club, please see the dinner club page by clicking this link. If you would like to join the dinner club, please contact the webmaster for log in information.