Guest Book Rules & Help
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Who Can Make A Guest Book Entry?
• Anyone who has something positive to say.
How Many Entries Can I Make?
• Unlimited....make as many entries as you like.
Why Do I Provide My Email Address?
• Your email address is used to identify if you have posted on the site before.
• We use the name that you first used with the email address to list your name on the web site
Laura and Colin can see your email address and may contact you if possible
What Other Information Is Collected?
• We collect your unique internet address and store this information on our server.
• We use your unique internet address to locate your internet service provider in the event that we need to report inappropriate activity.
Commercial / Spam / Abusive Posting
• Posting for commercial or spam purposes and any posting deemed abusive or inappropriate is strictly forbidden, we collect your IP address and do report inappropriate posts to the ISP who owns the IP.
Security Features
• The new website has additional security features to limit the number of commercial / inappropriate posts.