About The Website
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   We respect your privacy!! We will never share, sell, rent or distribute our users information to anyone for any reason (except as required by law). An email will be sent to the email address on file should our policy change.
Information Collected And Use Of Information Collected
   Cookies are small text files stored on your computer in a special folder that can only be read by the website issuing the cookie. All dynamic websites use a cookie to store a unique code that identifies your computer to our web server. The unique code is destroyed when you are no longer using the site and it is used to determine what content your computer asked our server to show (like this item here!).
   We also use cookies during the Guest Book posting process, if you check the box to to store your Name and your Email Address, a cookie is saved to you computer so that when you return to the Guest Book area you do not have to retype your name and email address.
Email Address
   We collect and store your name, email address and IP address to our data server when making a submission to this site. The information is used to uniquely identify you when making more than one Guest Book post. We may also use the email address to contact you. Your email address will not be used for commerical purposes such as third party transfer; however we may in the future use your email address to sent out a bulk emailing notify users of important updates related to this website.
Internet Address
   When making a submission to the website we also collect your unique internet address (IP address) which uniquely identifies your internet services provider. We collect this information for all submissions (Guest Book, Album, Contact, etc.) and use if only in the event that you submit inappropriate content. Your IP address is checked when you enter the site to determin if you or others using the same IP address submitted inappropriate content, if your IP address is on our banned list, access to the site is limited programatically.